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Willkommen bei der Nippon Nation!

Österreichs Community für alle Nerds!





08. – 09.07.17 MQ Wien

Join the Nation!

Since summer 2014, our convention for all nerds takes place annually in Vienna. Join us and stop by!


Show us your creativity!

Before and on-side at the Nippon Nation we challenge the creative minds of the community with exciting and unusual competitions!


AMV Contest

Our AMV Contest is one of our highlights every year. The competition starts weeks before the convention and calls on all those who have fun at the film editing. The submissions are presented in the great hall and evaluated by you.


Speed Art Contest

We are looking for the extreme sportsmen under the artists! Here the participants have to perform miracles in a tight time window.


Euro Cosplay

Last year we joined the EuroCosplay Contest. The Winner at our Nippon Nation qualify will be sent to MCM London to represent Austria at the EuroCosplay finals!


Crafting Workshops

In the world of cosplay there are always new trends or new techniques for creating of unusual outfits. To keep you up-to-date, we provide you with workshops for learning these.


PC Workshops

You want to participate in our photoshop or video cutting competitions? We can help you get learn the basic skill with our exciting PC workshops and show you advanced new tricks.


PC Workshops

You want to participate in our photoshop and movie editing competitions? We help you get started with exciting PC workshops and shwo you new tricks.


Workshops as far as the eye can see!

Whether you're looking for specific computer programs, eastern board games, craftsmanship or traditions, there are massive workshops for everyone at the Nippon Nation!

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